Our boot camps are made for talkin’


These intensive lectures and comprehensive workshops are designed for health practitioners, enthusiasts, and students who are pursuing research practice in their academic or professional careers. Every boot camp session is carefully designed by our team, with the participants’ needs and requirements in mind, and we often invite lecturers from different fields of expertise. The group size of our boot camps vary. We can accommodate at least 10 participants—although our biggest boot camp yet already attracted nearly 100 attendees. And did we mention the networking opportunity you can take advantage of during our boot camps?

Here are some of our most memorable boot camps for the past three years:

Makati Med Orthopaedic Surgery Boot CampMakati Med Orthopaedic Surgery
(March 2017)

101 Health Research Protocol Writing WorkshopProtocol Writing Workshop 101
(January 2017)

Philippine Orthopaedic Association Boot CampPhilippine Orthopaedic Association
(March 2016)

Philippine Orthopaedic AssociationPhilippine Orthopaedic Association
(March 2015)

Medical City Training of the TrainorsMedical City Training of the Trainors
(March 2017)

UST Medicine and ASMPH Boot CampUST Medicine and ASMPH
(September 2016)

Far Eastern University Boot CampFar Eastern University
(October 2015)

101 Health Research Student Boot CampStudent Boot Camp
(May 2015)

Medical City Training of the TrainorsPhilippine Orthopaedic Association
(March 2017)

Asian Hospital and Medical Center Boot Camp
Asian Hospital and Medical Center
(August 2016)

University of Santo Tomas Boot Camp
University of Santo Tomas
(September 2015)

Philippine Department of HealthPhilippine Department of Health
(October 2014)