We are 101 Health Research, a team of healthcare researchers and statisticians. Established in 2014, our team embarked on a mission to provide and promote quality health research. Our company culture is the heart of our work ethic. Our projects, strategies, and decisions are all aligned to our mission and vision, core values, and growth initiatives.

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Mission + Vision

OUR MISSION is to provide optimal design, efficient conduct, and excellent analyses, in all our health research projects.

OUR VISION is to revolutionize health research. It’s our goal to streamline research process, so that relevant research is translated to healthier societies rapidly. We want to support, promote, and generate research with integrity, methodological rigor, and efficiency. We believe in making research accessible in all aspects to all segments of society.

Guided by our 4 CORE VALUES, we strive to sustain a friendly and dynamic environment. Of course, this company culture extends to our clients and business partners. (Click on a box to know more.)


Health research is meaningful only if it is valid. Each research question merits the best study design and analyses possible.


Every minute, every cent, and every person involved in the process of conducting health research should be taken into account towards generating knowledge.


We conduct health research because we want to protect lives and increase the well-being of communities. We do so by complying with all moral and legal requirements.The integrity and privacy of our research should never be compromised.


Doing health research is a collaborative effort. We believe in fostering a healthy and innovative culture of health research through effective partnerships with our clients and researchers. In our team, we nurture each other’s careers, values, and overall well-being.



“I love what we do at 101 Health Research. It is research of people, for people, and with people. Of people: health research is human research. For people: research is a means towards better healthcare and public health. With people: we care for our clients and stakeholders. Health research is a way of thinking and a way of life. Team 101 is family to me.”

Venus Oliva Cloma-Rosales, MD MPH
Managing Director

National University of Singapore, Saw Swee Hock School, Master of Public Health
Makati Medical Center, Pediatric Residency
University of Sto. Tomas, Doctor of Medicine
University of the Philippines Diliman, BS Biology

Area of expertise and interest:
Health research methods, clinical research, child and adolescent health, health promotion


“My work finds fulfillment in the knowledge that we can make an impact on our ultimate goal: improvement of patient care. This, through the two-fold means of direct assistance to researchers and promotion of research literacy in the country.”

Krizchelle Ching Sai, BSc (Biology)
Research Analyst

BSc Biology, University of the Philippines, Magna cum Laude

Area of expertise and interest:
Public health, literature search methods, epidemiology


“It is amazing how no one thought of doing this before. Research made easy for life.”

Maria Christine Joy Tanteo, MD, BSc (Public Health), DPPS
Research Analyst

Makati Medical Center, Pediatric Residency
University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Medicine
University of the Philippines Manila, Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Area of expertise and interest:
Pediatrics, public health, program management, medical writing and editing


“Being in 101 Health Research has fueled my innermost desire to discover new things and to review existing evidences that can contribute to the further growth of art and science of healing people.”

Rubiliza DC Onofre, MD, RND, DPBO-HNS
Research Analyst

East Avenue Medical Center, ENT-HNS Residency
University of Santo Tomas, Medicine
University of the Philippines Diliman, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Cum Laude

Area of expertise and interest:
Otorhinolaryngology; nutrition and dietetics


“101 Health Research gave me an opportunity to perform various statistical techniques
in the field of health research.”

Marjun Rey Y. Erno

Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Statistics

Area of expertise and interest:




“Dream team!”

Maridel P. Borja, PhD
Adviser, Epidemiologist

University of California, PhD Epidemiology
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Masters in Medical Statistics
University of the Philippines Manila, Master of Public Health-Biostatistics

Area of expertise and interest:
Expertise in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, research methods, and burden of disease studies


Denise Valerie Silfverberg, MSc (Statistics) , MA Hons (Economics and Politics)
Consultant for Health Economics

Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Area of expertise and interest:
Health economics, econometrics, development economics


Heidi Sampang Abiad, MD
Global Health Consultant

Northwestern University, Master of Science in Global Health
Maimonides Infants and Children’s Hospital New York, Pediatrics
St. Luke’s College of Medicine, Medicine
University of the Philippines Diliman, Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Area of expertise and interest:
Humanitarian aid, health research