Here at 101 Health Research, our mission is do high quality health research, empower researchers, and support research systems.

Our vision is to build a trustworthy health research ecosystem that enables evidence-informed decision making for clinical practice and public health policy. 


We Do Research 

We are 101 Health Research, a full-time professional research team that provides researchers, both individuals and organizations, comprehensive technical support throughout major stages of the research life cycle –

From protocol preparation (study design, statistical planning, preparation of data frame template, dummy tables), ethics and technical/regulatory board approval, data analysis (clinical biostatistics, qualitative data analysis), manuscript preparation (copy editing), and research dissemination (publication, peer review assistance).

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We Teach Research

Want to learn more about basic or advanced topics in clinical and public health research?

You can invite our team or roster of consultants for lectures or workshops.

We strongly believe that research methods should be taught in the context of an organization’s field of research. For example, HIV research draws heavily from health promotion frameworks; surgery study types are based from diffusion of innovation; emergency medicine researchers should be well-versed with quality and implementation science.

Therefore, we design our workshops and programs around your needs.

Due to the current pandemic situation, all our workshops are 100% online. You can invite our team or roster of consultants for lectures or workshops.

Past Workshops

Pre-pandemic workshop feature: Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health ASPIRE Program

Ateneo ASPIREs to Increase Research Capacity

In 2019, the Ateneo de Manila University sought to increase its research capacity and outputs. Aligned with this mission, the ASMPH faculty collaborated with 101 Health Research to create a research program specifically for clinician-faculty members. We designed this as a 15-week program, with workshops every Monday evenings. The final output consisted of completed research protocols by each of the five study groups, whose chosen topics were on medical education, students’ health, disaster risk reduction, and functional medicine.
Pandemic workshop feature: Philippine Spine Society Research Program 2020
Spine Research Moves Forward Despite the Pandemic

The Philippine Spine Society Research Program was originally planned as a face-to-face program back in early 2020. However, due to the pandemic, we had to re-design the program as a purely online course. We implemented the lectures and research laboratories over Wednesdays and Friday evenings from June 2020 to October 2020. We covered four modules: Health Research Principles, Evidence-Based Research, Study Designs and Research Methods, and Responsible Conduct of Research. At the end of the course, there were six study groups with full research protocols for submission to ethics boards. The study teams were named after their topics of interest: Cervical Spine, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Spine Trauma, Deformities, Degenerative Spine, and SIMOT.


We Build Research

We help build research ecosystems through supporting data infrastructure. We provide technical support, data management, and data analysis for medical registries and health information systems.

︎We have been the backend technical support for the Philippine Dermatological Society Health Information System since 2018.

︎In 2019, we have entered into a Long Term Agreement as a Data Science Provider with the United Nations Development Programme Philippines.

︎We are a proud partner of the PIDSP and the UP National Telehealth Center for the Philippine Pediatric COVID-19 SALVACION registry, which was approved by the DOH SJREB in 2020.

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